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A Collection of Mills & Boon Classics

We have searched libraries across the world to create one of the most comprehensive lists of Mills & Boon publications. We hope that this will behelpful to you.
Classic Novels and Books of Mills & Boon

The History of Mills & Boon

When Gerald Mills and Charles Boon joined forces in 1908 to create Mills & Boon Ltd. Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd developed from a general fiction publisher to become the UK's undisputed market leader in romance fiction publishing.

Mills & Boon published in a form and at a price that was within the reach of a wide readership.

In the 1930s the company noted that the favourite genre was romance and the company concentrated on hardback romances. Mills & Boon books were initially sold through weekly two-penny libraries and their distinctive brown binding led them to become known as "the books in brown".

With the decline of lending libraries in the late 1950s, the company realised that there would remain a strong market for romance novels provided that books were easy to access and reasonably priced. As a result, Mills & Boon romance became widely available from newsagents across the country.

Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd continues to provide series romance editorial not only for the UK and English language export markets but also for Harlequin's growing international market. Romance fiction constitutes the largest section of the adult paperback fiction market — and Mills & Boon is the undisputed brand leader in the UK.